If you are about to book transfer or booked one already please take your 2 minutes to check useful things about private airport transfers.

Before you book

How can i book with Seagull transfers ?

Please choose your directions from the main page than put your details on booking form.You will receive an instant email with your details on. You can also add email address to your contact list for further.

How can i make the payment ?

We accept only pay on arrival in British pound,Dollar,Euro or Turkish Lira on transfer day.We dont ask any of your credit card or debit card details.

Am i insured during journey ?

All our vehicles,each travellers and driver insured with 3 different insurance during journey.

Is it Tursab Registered ?

Seagull Transfers registered Tursab company with Nostradamus local company name  A-4075.

Is your prices for each person or each car ?

All our prices for each vehicle.

Is it direct transfer ?

Yes all our transfers direct to airport or resort as long as you wish to stop for break if you need it.

Do i have to share my private vehicle with other passengers ?

No you dont have to share your private vehicle with any other passenger.

Can i smoke,eat something or drink ?

All our drivers are offer you free water on arrival.If you have already drinks with yourself off course you can drink in your vehicle also most our vehicles has fridge and our drivers can offer you also you can ask to driver for stop on the way.Unfortunately you are not allowed to smoke in our vehicles because of the rules and other customers who will be travelling with us wont appreciate the smell of smoke.

If we are seperate parties from different flights,can we share with our friends or family ?

Off course you can share also can be drop off or pick up from different hotels with no extra charge.We will organise the transfer with the latest flight depend on delay.

Do i have to pay extra for air condition on vehicle or all your vehicle has ?

You dont have to pay extra for air condition because already all our vehicles has fully air conditioning.

Can i book transfer from/to private address ?

Off course you can book anywhere has road.

Before you travel

How can i find my driver at the airport ?

After you collected your luggage please leave arrival hall and walk down the ramp.











Just after you finished the ramp please ignore the yellow taxi drivers on right hand side than walk opposite to INDIVIDUAL MEETERS from between desks.











Our airport rep will be waiting for you under there on the right side by holding your reservation name same as on below.Just after you met the rep he will show your driver for leave the airport directly after we pay for coach park.











What if i didnt print out my booking form ?

If you forget to print out your booking form you dont have to worry about it you can just show from your mobile even if you dont have access your email dont worry our airport rep will have details on arrival.We use the booking form only proof your details and remind you when you need for return.

Do i have to pay extra for the baby/child seats ?

You don’t have to pay any extra money for it.

What if my flight delay ? Do i have to call you ?

You don’t have to call us as our airport representative monitoring flights online.

What if i have problem with luggage on arrival ?

Please contact us my mobile or if you are more than 1 please send someone to meeting point for let us know.

Do i have to pay money any extra on transfer ?

Prices which state on our website include everything except if you wish to have soft drink or alcohol.

Do i have to pay full amount on arrival ?

If you booked return you have to pay all on your arrival please.

What if i want to cancel my booking ?

If you cancel your booking 24 hours before on arrival or departure please contact us by mobile or email.If you cancel your transfer less than 24 hours before you have to pay us half money of your transfer cost as we already planed your vehicles for yourself.For any reason if you won’t there you won’t be able to use our company anymore sadly.

What do i have to do if i would like to change my details ?

Please do not hesitate to contact with us.If you wish to change your transfer details less than 24 hours before please contact by mobile.For last minute amendment you can have to pay extra or wont be able to change it depending operation during the day.Thats why please contact us 24 hours before.